Sniffie Ecommerce Pricing Apps for Shopify

Sniffie Pricing Software is your one-stop pricing platform. All packages include the basic modules that cover all your pricing needs. Get started now with a free trial for Shopify stores!


$14.90 / month
  • $14.90 for 1-10,000 products
  • 14-day free trial included
  • 30-day lowest price shown for product's in sale
  • Discount codes included
  • 24/7 compliance monitoring
  • Free code snippet for theme installation

Next 10,000 Products

$14.90 / month
  • $14.90 always for additional 10,000 products

Show 30-day lowest price in discounts. Profitable discounted pricing & Omnibus Directive compliant

Omnibus Pricing App shows automatically the 30-day lowest price in your discount campaigns. The App tracks the running 30-day lowest price point & includes discount codes to make sure your discounted pricing is shown with 30-day lowest price. Show the 30-day lowest price on product page with our code snippet. App includes Omnibus Directive compliance monitoring, 30-day lowest price in discounted pricing, discount code tracking, incompliant product corrections and code snippet for your theme.

  • Show the 30-day lowest price automatically with discounted pricing in sale
  • Make your discounted sale pricing comply with the EU's Omnibus Directive
  • Fix compliance issues with few clicks and show the right compare price
  • Automatically include your Shopify discount codes into 30-day lowest price
  • Use free code snippet to install the 30-day lowest price on your site in minutes


  • 5 campaigns per year
  • Insights and elasticity analyzed every 4 months
  • Seasonality tracking every 6 months
  • 2 refresh tokens


$19.90 / month
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Insights and elasticity analyzed every month
  • Seasonality tracking every 3 months
  • 5 refresh tokens


$49.90 / month
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Insights and elasticity analyzed every week
  • Seasonality tracking every month
  • 10 refresh tokens


$89.90 / month
  • Full app, no limits
  • Insights and elasticity analysed every day
  • Seasonality tracking every week

AI guided discount campaigns for optimum profit

Boost your profits in sale and discount campaigns with Sniffie’s AI-driven Smart Sale & Discount Campaigns. Use AI-driven pricing insights to choose right products for discount campaigns and plan optimal discounted pricing with AI profit forecasts. Achieve desired profit and make profitable discount campaigns without manual calculations and guess work. Run flash sales and discount campaigns, schedule your upcoming discount campaigns and get profit forecasts live when planning a campaign.

  • Find the most optimal discount percentages for your upcoming campaigns
  • Identify products that are perfect for discount campaigning
  • Analyze, optimize, and improve discount campaigns and profits with AI
  • No discount code support