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Get sparred by our CEO & Co-Founder Tomi Grönfors! He will give you tips on industry best practices and how you might utilise dynamic pricing. 


Dynamic pricing

The topics are naturally free to be discussed but earlier consultations have shown that following topics have helped most people to get further:

1. How dynamic pricing is changing your profitability for good from day one…

2. Why you should never ever change prices according to market without a clear cut strategy.

3. Five ways to get pricing profitable from day one… Believe it or not, one way is just doing the work that needs to be done

4. The most often seen pitfalls… when starting dynamic pricing

5. 3 Fatal Pricing Traps: Avoid these profit-killers at all costs! 


“Best ideas ever! This was really a useful meeting.”

“This is exactly what I have been talking inside our company that we should be doing.”