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Introducing Market-Specific Price Calculation in Omnibus App

At Sniffie, we are committed to continuously improving our apps to meet the evolving needs of our users. We’re excited to introduce a new feature in our Omnibus App designed to enhance pricing information accuracy for our Shopify Markets users: Market-Specific Price Calculation.

Understanding the Challenge

Shopify Markets serves as a layer between base product data and the Shopify storefront, enabling merchants to adjust prices based on various market rules. When this enabled, there may be differences in the prices that customers from specific countries actually see when browsing a merchant’s store.

Introducing the Solution

We listened to your feedback and developed a robust solution to show the lowest prior price according to the market prices. With our latest update, merchants can now select specific markets/countries for which we fetch product prices as seen by customers viewing the store.

We conduct calculations separately for each country, storing values such as

  • “lowest prior price Finland = X”
  • “lowest prior price Poland = Y”

When presenting the lowest prior price on your storefront, our app checks for a market-specific price. This ensures correct prior pricing information to each customer’s location. If market-specific calculations are unavailable, it displays the base value. 

Each country is treated as a separate account, with a subscription price of $14.90 per country for every 10,000 variants per month.

Shopify Markets

Enabling Markets Calculations

Enabling this feature is simple:

  1. Navigate to the new “Markets” route in the main navigation of our app.
  2. Activate the feature and select your desired countries based on your Shopify Markets settings.
  3. Click active/deactivate as needed.
  4. Save your changes, and you’ll be redirected to confirm your new subscription.

Please note that this feature requires Shopify Markets to be turned on to function effectively.