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New: Compare pricing scenarios before setting prices live

As a retailer, you face a constant dilemma: How can you set the perfect price that maximizes profit while driving sales and managing inventory effectively? The challenge becomes even more critical when launching discount campaigns. Many retailers struggle with this, often relying on guesswork or static pricing models, leading to missed opportunities and reduced profitability. According to McKinsey, up to 30% of pricing decisions made by companies lead to lost revenue. Indeed, without a clear understanding of how different prices will impact your business, making these decisions can be risky and daunting.

Announcing our New Price Simulator feature

Introducing our innovative Price Simulator, designed to transform how you approach pricing. This powerful tool allows you to compare various pricing scenarios in a single view, helping you set the most optimal prices for your products. Whether you aim to maximize profit or increase sales volume, the Price Simulator is your go-to solution. We particularly recommend using the simulator when setting discount campaigns.

What the Price Simulator looks like and what it does

With the Price Simulator, you can:

Price Simulator New Scenario Creation

The Price Simulator offers a unified view of all your created pricing scenarios. Found the ideal one? Simply click ‘publish’, and set your prices to adjust automatically.

How you can use it in your workflow

Choose a batch of products from your catalog. For campaigns, this could be items nearing expiration or overstocked items. You can use Sniffie’s smart filtering to find products easily.

Create and name different scenarios with specific goals, for instance maximizing profit or increasing sales volume.

  • Scenario 1: Apply a 17% discount and with higher marketing costs.
  • Scenario 2: Apply the optimal prices according to AI for maximum profit.
  • Scenario 3: Apply a 50% discount for aggressive stock clearance and high volumes.

Input different price points for your products under each scenario using the controls. You can also lock any product prices that you wish to not change at all and not affect the simulation results.

Evaluate each scenario with key performance indicators (KPIs) such as total revenue, profit margin, sales volume, and more. 

Utilize the visual tools like graphs and charts to easily interpret data and results. This helps compare the scenarios easily.

Choose the optimal pricing scenario and publish it instantly without switching views. You can publish as a one-time price change or as a campaign.

Discount simulator

Benefits of the Price Simulator

By testing different price points, wether the sale price, cost or discount, you can identify the optimal discount that maximizes profit rather than just sales volume. 

This precision also allows you to minimize losses for products nearing expiration or excess stock by finding the sweet spot where the discount is effective without causing significant financial loss. For instance, a slight adjustment in pricing could mean the difference between clearing inventory efficiently and incurring unnecessary losses.

Scenario testing provides concrete data on how different price points impact key metrics, such as revenue, profit, and sales volume.

Using historical data and our predictive models, you can forecast the outcomes of different pricing strategies, reducing the guesswork in decision-making. This data-driven approach ensures that your pricing decisions are backed by solid evidence, making your strategies more reliable and effective.

For your discount campaigns, comparing multiple scenarios (e.g., higher discount for faster turnover vs. smaller discount for higher profit) allows you to choose the most effective campaign strategy with ease.

This adaptability ensures that your campaigns are aligned with your business objectives, such as clearing inventory or increasing market share. By understanding the potential impacts of different discount levels, you can fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Scenario testing helps mitigate the risks associated with launching new discount campaigns by providing a clearer picture of potential outcomes.

For perishable or time-sensitive goods, testing ensures that pricing strategies effectively manage inventory levels, reducing waste. By anticipating the results of your pricing decisions, you can avoid costly mistakes and implement strategies that safeguard your profits.

Don't leave your discounts to chance

Don’t leave your discount campaigns to chance. Harness the power of our Price Simulator tool to make strategic, data-driven decisions that enhance your campaign effectiveness, improve financial performance, and increase customer satisfaction. With the Price Simulator, you can confidently set prices that drive sales and maximize profits, turning pricing into a powerful tool for business growth.

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