How Product Managers benefit from Sniffie

Guard your categories with knowledge.

Consumers have taken the control with their smart devices and are tuning out improper pricing. As a product manager, you want to make sure your category management is boosted with true market understanding. Being on top of the market situation and knowing you are inline with your product strategy and market pricing is key to success. Follow the market and make decision on when it suits your purpose. Sit firmly on the driver’s seat and let us do the complex stuff for you.

Bedrock for every successful category management strategy is knowing your market thoroughly. With accurate market data always at hand, you are be able to concentrate acting on the market data and have a comprehensive view on your category composition and pricing strategy execution.

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Follow your product and category strategy

Concentrate on the things that matter in your category.

For consumers, comparing similar products have become ridiculously easy. That is why price is becoming more and more important purchasing factor along with delivery times. When time and money are of essence you want to concentrate to products that matter. Optimize products that will generate you profits and make you reach your targets.

Ecommerce market, especially in some categories, is very volatile, and you shouldn’t try to win every battle. Instead recognize the battles that are worthy of taking part in. Price and product optimizing so that you are winning the battles that count is what matters. You don’t want to clash with market price bullies or category niche players, since in those battles there’s only one outcome: two losers. Discover valuable insights, act and win.

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could actually concentrate on acting on the data that matters in your day to day decision-making? Use our analytics to see the market situation with one glance and react to it with few clicks. Sniffie’s intelligent pricing platform does the complex number crunching for you; So, you can sit on the driver’s seat and optimize your categories.

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Why choose Sniffie's Pricing Suite?

These benefits will help you achieve your goals.

Let us present you some of key benefits why you should use Sniffie to make your daily working life easier.

1. Monitor easily competitor categories and products

2. Get relevant insight on both product and category level

3. Change prices by hand or use automation, as you will

Take your pricing to the next level!

We believe in simple things. That’s why we did the hard work for you.

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