Google Shopping integration

Sniffie’s Google Shopping integration is a native Google Ads API that can be used to automate Google Shopping feed in real time.

Google shopping integration

Here's what's so great about this integration

Instant price changes

Time is money. With Sniffie’s integration the price changes are instantaneous. No more waiting 8 hours to have your new price on display. Change it in Sniffie and we handle the rest, in under a minute.

Change any value

Not only price values but all other values changed in Sniffie can also be updated in an instant. Change the terms of an offer or inform your clients of a change in availability, all in swift moment.

No fixed fee

We know that the need for ads varies from time to time. This is why we decided to base our pricing on your usage, not on a fixed fee. Pay only for the amount you use, not a dime more.

Set and forget

With this integration your pricing campaigns are one step ahead of the curve. Set them to start automatically at a certain date using Sniffie’s Pricing Module.

Stop waisting ad spend

Let us show you around Sniffie and how we can optimize your return on ad spend

Pricing Automation

Ready, set pricing strategy, GO!

Sniffie Pricing Module is especially designed for ecommerce companies. With it you can easily reprice products against competitor prices either on individual product level or filter down to category-, brand- or group-level and change all the prices at one go. Easily, effortlessly and accurately.

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