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Aleksi Kukkonen
Niko Naakka Sniffie Co-Founder

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Justin Zarabi Director New Business Development at FAM LLC

“It used to be very time consuming having to think what’s the optimal price for this product (x) should I reduce it, should I not reduce it but with this tool we’re able to outsource the decision making to the AI and we don’t have to break our head on it.”


Justin Zarabi

Director New Business Development, FAM Brands

Customer Results

Tomi Kottonen Hyvinvoinnin Tavaratalo

“The results with Sniffie have been fantastic. We have secured significantly more sales and profit. I am super happy with Sniffie as a SaaS service.”

Tomi Kottonen

CEO & Founder, Arctic Pure

“Once we implemented Sniffie’s dynamically optimizing pricing model on top of iVisa’s existing infrastructure, we noticed a 20%+ lift in our revenue per user within a few short weeks. ”


Jaikaran Sawhny

Chief Product Officer, iVisa

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