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Our culture and values

Every company has a culture, wanted or unwanted. A code of conduct that everyone follows. For us, the culture is everything. We believe in simple things, yet don’t take those for granted. We work every day to keep our culture fruitful and fun, even though we are working hard and fast to get things going.

That’s why Sniffie culture is based on a simple sentence:

Results through passion and freedom.

It consists of three distinctively different parts that integrate simply into one sentence. If you were woken up in the middle of the night, you should be able to tell us this.

Results – We are focused on delivering measurable results that have a positive impact on us and our customers.


Passion – Passion to constantly surprise ourselves and our customers positively.


Freedom – Absolute freedom with responsibility of real results and significant growth.

We monitor that the above is clear to us all from day one and keeps so every day. Every morning as we start our standing huddle with the team, we can see how our culture eats strategy for breakfast.