//Sniffie Engineering Investigating Availability Issues with Sniffie app [FIXED]

Sniffie Engineering Investigating Availability Issues with Sniffie app [FIXED]

Some pods are reporting possible availability issues. We’ll update this post as investigation progresses.

Thu 14.3.2019 11:06 UTC+2: First reports of possible availability issues affecting certain storage pods.

Thu 14.3.2019 11:08 UTC+2: Cause has been identified, a fix has been deployed.

Thu 14.3.2019 11:14 UTC+2: Full fix deployment has an estimated completion time of around 15 minutes. Some affected nodes are already fixed.

Thu 14.3.2019 11:16 UTC+2: Fixes have been deployed to all nodes.

Thu 14.3.2019 11:17 UTC+2: All nodes are reporting normal status. Sniffie engineering continues to monitor the statuses.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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