//SaaS company experimenting with people

SaaS company experimenting with people

Sometimes it’s not the technology, instead it’s the service level as a whole that you need to improve. We noticed that our customers loved our fast email support, but let’s face it: We all love it even faster and email it’s not the fastest way. That’s when we decided we will open a live chat for our customers.

Learnings from the live chat

So what was the end result? Well, we didn’t become millionaires yet, nor did we land on the moon, but we did learn something valuable. In a society where one third of monetary value vaporises in a decade, the lost value in SaaS business for not giving an immediate support is ten folds. So why is that?

Let’s pretend that this blog post is our service. Also continue presuming you have an urge to get help understanding the content. You look for the lower right corner to locate the chat window that is just lurking for your click. There is two options:

A. You have a live person, who can help you immediately,

B. You get to leave your wish to our ticketing system.

Which do you prefer? Yup. I knew it, it’s A. In a small company like us, we want to do things effectively. So we first listened your views, then analysed and finally started testing. And yes, the reason why you love a chat is not that you get an immediate service. it’s the fact that you expect your challenge to be dealt and fixed immediately. There is a big difference. Let me explain why.

Chat is not just a chat

Having a person in a chat does not necessarily make it any better. But when you have a well trained, capable person, who can immediately help you with your challenges, it makes a huge difference. You work uninterrupted in one go, get things done and move forward.

We noticed that by helping our customers online they were more productive and got acquanted faster with the product. Some were even able to self educate themselves better. So cool to see how people get into it.

This all boils down to one fact. it’s not how things are, but how you see them. Expecting an answering in a week or two, instead of a minute in the chat, you become more open to learning new things. And thats where the customer value really starts to build up. Currently the chat is open from 09-17:00 on working days and only in one customer session per time. We will extend it in not so distant future. So, we will stick with chats both in the product and on ou website.

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