//Product Update 31.5.2019

Product Update 31.5.2019

[new] Price matrix improved tooltip – The tooltip on Price matrix cells now includes more information including a price history sparkline of the last 14 days. We plan on enabling configuration of the date range for price changes in a later release.

[improvement] The price conversion formula accepts both comma and dot as decimal separator. It will however always be displayed as dot.
[improvement] Added instructions and more informative titles to some complex bulk operations
[improvement] The product page now includes a list of tags attached to the product
[improvement] The filter drawer will now automatically switch to “advanced mode” if there are active advanced filters
[improvement] Price matrix “distance to min/max”-sort order compares with market excluding reference website. Thus prices lower than competitors min/max will be in one end and higher than competitors min/max at the other end of the matrix
[improvement] Price matrix cells show an asterisk (*) on products with converted prices
[improvement] The bulk operation for copying category information from one product to the whole match group has been expanded to accept a variety of product columns.

[fix] The harmonizer tool in Bulk Operations has been disabled. The tool could easily be misused and cause irreversible errors in the product catalog. For now, Sniffie Support will handle major data transformations.
[fix] Chart tooltip style fixes
[fix] Fixed a problem with Price History widgets using custom date ranges
[fix] Fixed missing chart date translations for Swedish
[fix] Prices in the Price Matrix are no longer rounded. If the price does not fit, you can resize the columns
[fix] We updated a faulty version of the App’s font which changes the layout slightly

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