//Keeping up with the promises

Keeping up with the promises

The world looks pretty different when you are a small startup fighting for your life. In times like this, every promise you make might be your last. Keeping a promise is simple. Just do what you said. Breaking one is ridiculously easy. Just don’t deliver.

We promised to our customers and more importantly to ourselves to redesign and rewrite our whole service and come out with the 1st version on the 1st week of September. And before you ask, I assure you we are going to deliver. Our team is working day and night to get the first experimental version out, which looks pretty good by the way. But why do I write about a new, even an experimental release? Because this time we know the product isn’t ready yet.

Canvas for you to draw

Every startup makes a release and there is no news there. You’ve gone the whole 9 yards. Designed a new UX, wrote the code, and put it all together just to notice that it is full of bugs. But our upcoming experimental release will be different. It’s a release that is meant to be the canvas for our customers to paint on. Draw analytics on the data we collect from the web. Sure the system works, the UX is second to none, it has intelligence and the design is set to stone. But ultimately the end result is a co-operation with our customers. Because we believe in tailor made solutions that fits for everyone and still creates value for everyone. A beautiful, yet conflicting idea. Let me englighten you a bit.

Creating value

Creating value happens only if you can help someone to fix a burning need. For professionals in retail and ecommerce profitable pricing is a burning need to say the least. It’s a forest fire level. In a market where Amazon equals close to 50% of the US online market and grows faster alone than the rest of the market, pricing is an issue. And as in the local market square, knowing the right price increases your volumes and profitability. In both cases you need the best tools available to get the right price level.

We are good at getting the market price and even to analyze it. But our customers are even better. They know much better what kind of analytics they want to use. For the next 4 months we will travel to meet them and analyze rigorously their analytics needs and incorporate those into our service. That way we know, that all our users are using Sniffie that they built, they know and they get value out of it. It’s that simple. Value is not created for a dummy buyer persona, that never walked on this earth. It’s for real living people who have preferences. So, we will let our customers to decide what is important and that’s it. Because they know it best. Next four months will mean traveling, meeting, designing but that’s fine as the end result will be extraordinary good.

Creating value for customers is something we all should be manic about. We create value by helping customers to understand how to price their products. Then making that crucial price change is up to them. It’s that simple to create value.

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