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Investigating Possible Network Routing Issues in Sniffie App [RESOLVED]

We are currently investigating possible network routing issues in Sniffie App. We will update this post as investigation progresses.

10.28 EEST: First reports of an increase in network routing failures relayed to Sniffie engineers via our automated error monitoring system.

11.31 EEST: A possible cause has been identified and a fix has been implemented. We continue to monitor the situation.

11.39 EEST: Although the situation became better, we are still receiving an elevated amount of network errors. We are rebooting parts of our network infrastructure, which means that there may be 2-4 second delays in certain requests whilst traffic is rerouting.

12:05 EEST: Reboot has fixed the issues. A final fix to prevent this issue to reoccur is in progress.

15:50 EEST: Issue has been resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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