Pricing academy

Welcome to our Pricing Academy!

Sniffie’s Pricing Academy is just as its name suggests, a collection of resources made to share knowledge about pricing in both retail and e-commerce. 

Here you will find articles, blogs and much more. We hope you learn something useful and we are always happy to hear from you if you have questions!

Pricing academy

Pricing Academy Resources


Here you will find articles written by pricing professionals about topics like pricing strategy, pricing in e-commerce and retail and much more.

Pricing vocabulary

Our pricing vocabulary is an extensive vocabulary of pricing-related terms, all with an individual small article about them.


Our webinars are hosted by Sniffie team members together with guests from different industries. We talk about pricing, e-commerce and AI.

Free tools

Here you’ll find many free tools to help you increase profitability and optimize your prices. We want to help you succeed and these tools are a great start!


Download free e-books about pricing strategy, the use of AI in pricing and preparing for sales in e-commerce.

Sniffie user support

Our knowledge base has hundreds of articles about Sniffie usage and how how-tos about our software.