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Pricing tool


Similar to Price matrix, in the Pricing tool you are able to either show all your products at once, or you can filter down the data to narrow down visible product amount. Pricing can be done for single products, for group of products or for a whole category at a time.

Pricing tool will open you a separate column to use for repricing. Once you click the price cell in the matrix, any changes you make to the price Sniffie will automatically compare the change’s relation to your competitors current pricing and will also notify you whether the new price is in line with your margin target or according to your pricing strategy. It is also possible to select multiple products, or all of them, at once and create rule-based pricing actions for more systematic and controlled pricing decisions.

Pricing tool Sniffie

Set prices easily and automatically


Sniffie Pricing Tool is designed especially for ecommerce companies. With that you can easily reprice products against competitor pricing either on individual product level or filter down to category brand or group level and change all the prices at one go. Easily, effortlessly and accurately.

Main use cases:

  • Change individual product’s, product group’s or a whole category’s price simultaneously
  • Whilst repricing, see the change in relation to competitors, the market situation
  • Manage your pricing strategy with manual or rule-based pricing actions

Benefits of Sniffie Pricing Tool


Benefits of the pricing tool is clear. It is a tool especially developed for people working with market analytics and pricing. It offers you a simple, yet effective view to the market changes and actual market situation, and supports you make correct pricing decisions in the moment, or according to your pricing strategy.

  • Change pricing easily

  • Log all pricing actions

  • Make best strategies automatic

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