Price matrix

Price matrix


Price matrix is a visual, effective and powerful tool to provide fast and comprehensive insight to the market. Monitoring prices can be time consuming and in the worst case that means a lot of manual work. Even the manual work still does not guarantee getting a clear big picture what’s happening in the market. Let’s not forget the fact of how often you need to have your data updated.

Sniffie’s price matrix allows you to compare your prices to competition in a simple, but yet in a specific and powerful way. You can view search results and changes product and store specifically – what is the market pricing for that particular product, at that particular moment, what have been the changes, to which direction?

Simplicity baked into the core


View market pricing on a higher or on a more detailed level; you can filter & specify the data according to your need. Review and analyze data with various statistics, compare with various indexes, see your current price positioning on the level you want. Then, react to it.

Main use cases:

1. Use your home site and store as a reference point to competing sites and stores

2. Use site and store wide comparison with simple indexes: CPI (Competitor Price Index), PPI (Product Price Index), MPI (Market Price Index)

3. See price statistics for a specific product and it’s market situation (Min, Max, Average, Q1, Q3, Median, Store count)

4. Single rows for a product with competing products in each column for a website and/or store

5. End result: price per product per site and store, price changes marked by arrow and %-change, hyperlinked to actual product page on that site

Benefits of price matrix


Benefits of price matrix are clear. It is a tool especially developed for people working with market analytics and pricing. It offers you a simple, yet effective view to the market changes and actual market situation. It is both visually easy to read, yet clear for analytical decision making.

1. Understand the market situation with one view

2. Monitor your pricing strategy

3. Get team motivated to use one view for price monitoring

Are you ready to take your price monitoring to the next level with Sniffie’s price matrix?