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Dashboards and widgets


Dashboards are customizable reporting views that you can create inside Sniffie for your specific needs and requirements, for any specific purposes. Dashboard is a place where you can visualize your market data with analytics cards, called widgets. Widgets are ready made analytic views with a given chart form (pie, bar, matrix, line) and full filtering and grouping options, like in Excel Pivot.

Dashboards and widgets

Customize & Visualize – How does it work?


Dashboards consist of widgets – they are analytics cards which you can use to visualize and represent the data you want to see, in the format you want. You can view market price development as a trend line, average price levels for a brand or a category as a matrix, price ranges as box plot, you can visualize data to bar or pie charts… you name it. Each widget can be edited with filtering and grouping options to show exactly the data you want it to show. For easy and flexible use, widgets can be size-adjusted and moved around in the dashboard. Sniffie’s data can also be exported to your own device from the widget settings.

Main use cases:

  • Visualize your market data in different dashboards
  • Build your own customized reports together with widgets and Sniffie’s various data attributes
  • Share reports within your organization
  • Understand trends and market development, how do price levels live in the market
  • Select time period you want to see in the analytics

Benefits of Sniffie Dashboards


Customized dashboards with detailed widgets, analytics built just for your use, ability to share effortlessly within your organization. Make analytics and understanding market interesting and a big deal.

  • Understand the market easily

  • Filter to any level

  • Create and share insight with your organisation.