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Actions may speak louder than words, but results speak for themselves. Take a look at some of the results our customers have obtained by placing their trust in Sniffie’s pricing tool👇

AI dynamic pricing revenue margin increase

33% higher profits with AI-powered pricing

After just two weeks into using our e-commerce pricing tool, a new customer of ours was already making more profits with a pricing tool than they’re paying for it.

Some of their products are making over 50% higher profits than before, which means they were basically leaving easy money on the table by selling these products too cheap.

The best part? At this point, our pricing algorithm was still in the learning phase (or exploration phase as we call it) so we can’t wait to see the long-term results!

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Margin increase of 30-160% with AI-powered pricing

This e-commerce company has reached some great results just 2.5 months into using Sniffie’s AI-powered pricing tool.

With the average margin increase of 66% and average revenue increase of 77% (out of all products, compared to the starting point), the calculated ROI of Sniffie is a whopping 3890%. 

Our pricing algorithm tool is based on reinforcement learning which means you don’t need huge amounts of historical data or huge sales volumes to get you started and get results. In this case, we only had a little bit less than a month’s worth of transactional data and from one price point only. 

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Dynamic pricing results
10 x ROI

10x ROI with automated repricing

After this e-commerce company started using our automated pricing tool a few years back, they have witnessed a revenue jump of over 30% which equals over €100K in extra sales.

The best part?

That’s is more than 10x the amount they’ve paid for the pricing automation tool that helped them to achieve these results. Not to mention all the time they’ve saved by not pricing their products manually!

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