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Introduction to Sniffie tech team


We will get the best version out of you.


We at Sniffie believe everyone should be given enough responsibilities to secure their professional growth. This also applies to our tech team, where you could start as a junior developer and quickly learn and grow to a more senior level. Everyone who works at Sniffie tech is a useful member of the team from day 1. As we see you grow and unlock your true potential, you could become a team lead in one of our key technical areas.

Sniffie is a fast-growing startup with an established idea and customer base. This means that you get to enjoy the perks of a rapidly growing, young organization with little risk compared to early-stage startups. It’s a wide known fact that over 90% of all startups fail, and we believe we have crossed this first chasm of failure at Sniffie.

Our organization is light, agile and non-hierarchical and you get to work with interesting problems from day 1. Your ideas are listened and implemented whereas in larger corporations they might be dusted under the table. Currently, Sniffie is 12 people strong with operations in Finland and Sweden. As you join, you represent almost 10% of the workforce at Sniffie, meaning that you are going to have an impact on the whole organization. You get to work in close cooperation with Sniffie’s top management and participate in important strategic decisions on a daily basis.

Startups like Sniffie are built on the team that makes or breaks the company’s potential. For us, each team member is a valuable asset and our aim is to build a team that are colleagues once and friends for life.

Of course, we may not able to offer you top-of-the-line salary at this stage compared to the bigger companies. However, when you get in early, you will likely become one of our key team members with potentially a really rewarding and impactful career. You will learn and grow fast, and provided you succeed in your work, you can really jump-start your career in programming at Sniffie. We want to be able to offer you a career path that allows for continuous growth and development.

Things that might interest you?

We believe in lean testing

Things to consider before you join Sniffie

We are not necessarily looking for people already proficient in the technologies we use, but rather we want to find individuals with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities and good knowledge in any programming language. We know that learning a new programming language is not that hard or time-consuming if you are proficient already in any other programming language. All members of Sniffie’s tech team have undergone that learning step multiple times during their programming careers, as technologies have evolved over time. What we expect is for you to write clean and easily maintainable code, the quality of which is going to be ensured in periodic code reviews.

When you join Sniffie, we expect you to know your limits as a programmer and thus ask help or guidance when you need it. We don’t expect you to be the master in your craft on day 1, but rather expect you learn and grow rapidly with us to unlock your true potential. You will feel useful from the first day, as you will immediately start working on the parts of our service. You will get extensive guidance from our senior developers and you will have an onboarding period in the beginning of your employment to get you acquainted of what Sniffie does as a company and how our technical tools work.

All people joining us need to be a cultural fit for us. That is, we expect you to be able to work in a team and participate in discussions with our team and our customers. You need to have excellent proficiency in English, since all our technical documentation is in English. Knowing Finnish is not required, but can be considered a plus. Currently, all members of Sniffie tech are required to be able to work onsite in Helsinki, Finland. If you apply from abroad, you need to have the necessary permits to work in Finland before applying.

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome applicants from all nationalities and genders. We only really care what your mental and social capabilities are when you apply for a technical position at Sniffie

Good to know:

Growing is a norm at us

Daily work at Sniffie

Since we are a rapidly growing startup, working with us is quite different than working with a traditional corporation. Your presence will affect our company culture, you will get to be a part of making important decisions. Your input will also be immediately useful to us, as you will get to work with real features and problems with us starting from day 1.

We offer flexible remote working possibilities and are only interested in the results. If you are fast and efficient, you can also work shorter hours as long as work assigned to you is finished on time.

You get to choose your favorite machines to work with, be it either a laptop or a desktop computer, a Mac or a PC. You will have at least 2 monitors to work with, and have headphones provided by the company to ensure you can zone out in your code if you so desire. Although Sniffie’s office is an open office, our tech team has a separate room from the main area in which the door can be closed should you require more privacy for your work.

We use a combination of Scrum / Kanban methods to make your work easier to manage. At the end of the week, we assign next week’s tasks and review the previous week’s methods for each person. We prioritize features and innovate new ones based on close discussions with our clients, and all members of our tech team are expected to interact with clients at times, either by visiting them with account managers or when the clients visit our office for innovation workshops or demo days.

When you finish working on a feature and submit a merge request (it’s GitLab’s name pull requests), your code will be reviewed by a senior member of Sniffie tech team. They will review your code and provide feedback. When the code review is passed, your feature is merged and immediately integrated with our app.

Things we believe in

Our Customer Experience Strategy

Sniffie Tech Stack

Sniffie web app utilizes the following technologies:

  1. React in the frontend
  2. GraphQL to communicate between the frontend and backend.
  3. Node.js in the backend
  4. MariaDB as the SQL engine

Load balancing is handled with Apache reverse proxies and Docker containers. SQL sharding and database maintenance procedures have been implemented with internally developed solutions, ensuring high-availability of our app (uptime has been > 99.99% within the last year). Our web app has been built upon continuous integration and development: features passing code review and testing will be deployed to our app immediately.

Sniffie extension utilizes the following technologies:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Vue.js

Sniffie automated processes are built using the following technologies:

  1. Python (for heavy lifting in data processing and machine learning as well as many micro services)
  2. Shell scripts for cronjob automation

Additional technologies we use:

  1. Git & GitLab for version control in everything we work with
  2. Java (for internal Android notification app for our developers)
  3. PHP for certain legacy stuff (migration pending) and public-facing website.

We are looking for a good cultural fit instead of a Jesus to save us.

Niko Naakka, CTO


Niko Naakka (30 years old), M.D. & M.Sc. industrial engineering, is the CTO at Sniffie and oversees the Sniffie tech team. Niko has over 14 years of full-time equivalent programming experience with multiple different languages. Niko loves statistics & mathematics and working with big data sets. He really enjoys Python and is not that keen on C++.

Niko Naakka, CTO, Sniffie
Tuomas Uutela, CSO, Sniffie

Tuomas Uutela, Chief Systems Officer


Tuomas Uutela (30 years old) is in charge of integrations and devops. He has studied telecommunications engineering. Tuomas has been tinkering with command line in Unix systems since he could write at the age of 7.

Fredrik Hollsten, Head of UX


Fredrik Hollsten (34 years old), M.Sc. systems engineering, is Head of UX at Sniffie and leading development of the Sniffie web app. Fredrik has over 16 years of programming experience and built his first websites with MS Frontpage in Windows 95 in the ’90s.

Fredrik Hollsten
Sang Dang Full-Stack Developer

Sang Dang, Full-Stack Developer


Sang Dang (34 years old) is the newest addition to Sniffie’s product team. He is originally from Vietnam and now lives in Vantaa. In addition to working at Sniffie, he manages Vue.js Finland meetup group and acts as a mentor for many junior Asian programmers in Finland.



We are looking for you. Yes, you.


We are currently looking all the time excellent cultural fits, with reasonable technological knowledge. You will get into that deep learning curve that it makes no difference if are you a guru already or not. Just let us know who you are and come for a coffee.

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