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Questions to answer


There are very few situations you should not prepare somehow. Job interview, especially, is one not to take lightly. Make sure you are noted by taking some time to answer these questions and arrange your application accordingly. Because, unless you impress us, you won’t become a team member.

  1. What are you going to bring to our company?
  2. Describe in short sentence the most impressive achievement you have?
  3. Describe your most successful hacking to a human structure or organisation to your advantage?
  4. Please tell us about an interesting project that failed miserably?
  5. How fast would you bring something to the table for our team in terms of getting things done?
  6. Why did you pick Sniffie as a company? Do you have domain expertise our business area? How do you know we need you?
  7. What’s new in your offering to us that we do not have?
  8. What happens to us unless you get chosen?
  9. What are we missing on when not talking to you?
  10. If we would call your mom, how would she describe you as a person? Would you encourage us to call your mom?
  11. What kind of insight do you know about our line of business that other candidate might not?
  12. How far are you on a scale of 0-100 (0=starting 100 ready) as a professional?
  13. What do you say when someone has dissapointed you over and over?
  14. Do you have an online demo on anything you have built earlier on or a project you have done?
  15. Tell us about a tricky situation you managed to get out of and how?
  16. Tell us some amusing story about you or something you have found enlightening?
  17. If you were our CEO what would you do next?
  18. Describe your methods on acquiring information to make decisions?
  19. Are you a top to bottom or bottom up person?
  20. How do you manage your own actions and promises to others?
  21. Are there potential negative side effects on hiring you?
  22. Who is really kicking ass person in your opinion?
  23. Who would you want to be as a person?
  24. Please name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you?
  25. How would you remove poverty from the world?