Sniffie representation at fallup 2018

Wrapup from Fallup 2018

Finding a great talent is hard. Building a solid team is even harder. We are no different, although we see we have an interesting company, it does not necessarily mean we attract talent automatically. That’s why we decided to take part to this years Fallup event that is organised for students in Helsinki. Fallup is a student event, with a twist. It offers job opportunities, networking, entertainment and an afterparty. In brief, the event was really good. No, it was excellent.

Maybe the 100th time we show how Sniffie works today.

Passion towards learning

One thing we noticed this time that although people were from different levels of educational paths (university, high school etc.) they all had one thing in common: passion to hear what we did. That was amazing! To see people honestly listening carefully what companies told them, ask questions in a excellent manner and have conversations on complex issues. Something, at least I cannot say I was able to do as a student. The digital understanding the students had was really outstanding. That in itself is a promising value for the whole Finnish Tech Startup Community. At least it is for us.

Sniffie fallup 2018 venue
Sniffie fallup 2018 venue

The other thing we noticed was that people were fairly quick to catch up on what they thought were their stronghold and look opportunities in that field. It was great to have conversations with people who wanted to work in international sales, do marketing, customer experience etc. just because they knew different languages and cultures. That is what you want to see. People passionately looking for opportunities in things they feel they can contribute. There was no question if they were able to pull it through, as they all believed in it so strongly. Something to admire. Something to take note.

Sniffie fallup 2018
Sniffie fallup 2018

Only a bit of onboarding needed

We believe in organised training. We onboard each and every person who joins our team, rigorously. They need to understand everything we do and to be able to offer value to our customers. That said, with the passion we found today we believe we have many talents to discuss issues further. Something we did not expect so suddenly. People left tens of open applications and often after discussing first with us in a deeper level. So with right onboarding, training and support I believe many of the people we met today might become successful talents in our company. How many we are able to attract in the end, remains to be seen but it looks promising. Fallup is an event we can strongly suggest to companies finding younger talents.

Thanks for everyone who visited our booth at the Fallup 2018!

Sniffie team


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