Sniffie team celebrates 2-year anniversary!

Sniffie team celebrates 2-year anniversary!


Exactly 2 years ago Sniffie’s founding team started to work full-time at the company. Before that all work was part-time and “non-serious”. It has been an exciting journey so far, and the future is even more interesting for us and for our customers. I’m personally so proud of what our team has accomplished in this time.

If you are interested in a quick recap of Sniffie’s journey to date, read more below!

eCommerce rewrite in spring 2017

First thing our founder team started working on was refocusing the company strategy towards eCommerce. Although it was nice to extract anything from the web and analyze anything about it, most of our early users felt they wanted us to focus only on ecommerce.

Sniffie before ecommerce rewrite

This was how Sniffie looked back in January 2017.

Ecommerce update was planned and executed with an ambitious schedule. Of course, this meant that sometimes the days dragged on and on for me. In the end, it was still worth it. Our customers also really liked the new update.

Price matrix in ecommerce update

Price matrix just after the eCommerce update.

Fredrik joined Sniffie tech team in the summer 2017

Because we needed more expertise in front-end development, we started looking for a suitable person to fill that role. Fredrik fit the bill nicely, and joined Sniffie just after the ecommerce update went live. First thing he fixed was the UI and UX of our extension.

Sniffie v0.5 includes a more intuitive UX for data extraction

Sniffie extension just before Fredrik joined our team.

The extension UI and UX improved dramatically and most of our self-service users (as well as Sniffie employees) were super happy with the update.

Virtual rendering to help with large extractions

Sniffie extension after Fredrik had worked a few months on the UI & UX for the summer 2017.

After the extension UI/UX redesign, Sniffie’s R&D team started to work with Sniffie v1.0 modular release in the fall 2017.

More data, new people, new customers

Our extraction platform had achieved a milestone of over 1 billion data checks by November 2017. At that time, it was a huge milestone for us. Nowadays our platform handles around 15 times that data quantity on a yearly basis, and the numbers are growing day by day.

Next real round of employee recruitment occurred late 2017 and early 2018. At that time, Ossi joined Sniffie as a full-time employee straight out of Sniffie’s internship program. A bit later Mikko and Yassine joined the Sniffie team, too. Some shorter employment contracts occurred later in the spring and summer as well.

We started seriously planning expansion outside of Finland in the fall of 2018. Our first Swedish employee, Linus, was recruited late 2018 along with our new COO, Suvi, who started this January. Next recruitment round for sales, marketing and R&D is occurring at this moment. If you are interested in joining our growing team, don’t hesitate to be in touch!

Number of customers and MRR has kept growing nicely, too. We have exceeded or met most of our forecasts and estimates on a yearly basis. As an entrepreneur, it feels really nice to meet those goals. If I look back 2 years from today, those goals and estimates felt so unrealistic at the time. However, with hard work focusing on successes, our whole team made it happen. I’m so proud of what this team has achieved so far.

Sniffie v1.0 release very shortly

We announced v1.0 roadmap in our housewarming party in the spring 2018. I’m happy to inform that the launch date is almost here. Our old users have had access to it since August 2018. All our new customers since September are already using only (or mostly) that version. Compared to the old beta version, it’s fast, modular and provides insight you didn’t have previously.

Price matrix in Sniffie v1.0

Price matrix in Sniffie v1.0.

Sniffie v1.0 launch coincides also with an updated version of Sniffie extension, which has been used internally by our employees for around 5 months now. Furthermore, the beta version will be available as a legacy version until 31st of December, 2019, easing transitions for the new version for companies with tens of users.

Stay tuned for new and exciting updates in the coming weeks!