Sniffie preparing for Christmas

Sniffie preparing for Christmas

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Christmas is just around the corner

With Christmas holidays approaching, the Sniffie-team is preparing to wrap up this year. It has been an eventful year to say the least. We’ve been to trade shows, presented Sniffie at events and worked harder than ever to develop Sniffie to new heights!

During the past year Sniffie has visited several trade fairs, we’ve expanded into several new international markets and have been a part of the Google Accelerate Your Growth – accelerator. Our collaboration has yielded great progress and we are eager to share with everyone our new developments in 2020.

Sniffie team grows

Sniffies team grew during 2019 with many key people. We are now a team of 20 and are happy to say that our culture is stronger than ever. Our team morale is great and we support each other in difficult situations both at work and outside. We strongly believe that the work place should be a safe space for everyone to be themselves and feel comfortable enough to be innovative and bold. This will be the key factor also in all future hirings as we know that culture has to be built from the beginning, it can’t be changed mid-life. 

Sniffie awards

This year we celebrated our first Sniffie-awards, giving credit to some of our colleagues who have really gone that extra mile. This will be a yearly tradition from now on and the awarded colleagues in 2019 were:

    • The Iron Man of the Year (Founder of the Year) – Tomi Grönfors, He has the must-win attitude. Full of ideas, always up for pushing the limits and inventing new ways to grow.
    • The Most Committed Player – Ossi Cornér, Silent and “deadly” – Ossi works silently and effectively always thinking of the bigger picture and keeping our cash on the right track. Valuable and key player in Sniffie’s team.
    • The Growth Driver – Aleksi Kukkonen, This person has impressed everyone with his professional approach and his independent way of working. He is a true growth hacker always pushing the limits of new developments.
    • The Best Customer Centricity – Suvi Leinonen, her customer focus is outstanding and she keeps a clear focus on what is important for the company to succeed. She’s been instrumentally important in refining and making processes transparent, creating better communication and involvement along the way.
    • The Go That Extra Mile – Fredrik “Holle” Hollsten, He has taken on impressive responsibility and leadership of the product development, taken part in customer meetings and really utilising the customer feedback on the fly. He takes on tasks with tight deadlines and delivers absolute MINT stuff as a results, he has set up the proper channels to make data and feedback collecting easier for the colleagues. All these are the proofs that he goes that extra mile!
Sniffie new year

With 2020 approaching, we couldn’t be more excited.  We will be launching SAMPO, our AI pricing guru and will be taking part in programs to accelerate our growth internationally. On top of that we have many new features under development that we are sure both our existing customers and our future ones will love. We know that 2020 will be a big year for us and we are more than ready to face it head on! 

Just because we are preparing for Christmas doesn’t mean we wont’t be here for our new and existing customers. You can still reach us, book meetings with us and get in touch when you need to.