Sniffie Marketing is here to support and educate You

Sniffie Marketing is here to support and educate You

Sniffie marketing
Sniffie marketing

Lets face it. We have been working like hell, to get our latest new features out to support our customers. On top of that, we have got new key personnel. Our Head of Marketing, Mikaela Rosenbröijer, started few weeks ago and thanks to her input we are now able to offer you also relevant support on terms of product and content marketing. Let me wrap up what we are about to come out with.

Sniffie webinars

Webinars to improve your experience

The first thing we are rolling out are Sniffie webinars. These will be crucial for both people already using our service and those thinking about it. Webinars will be divided in to two main categories. Product Webinars and Subject Webinars. First will include topics ranging from user training to product roadmap in-depth analysis. The latter will be concentrating into different relevant topics like how price elasticity and strategic pricing gateway work. Both of these webinars can be used to improve your user experience with Sniffie. Either by getting more information on how to use Sniffie more efficiently or by generating more in-depth knowledge about pricing and price monitoring

Sniffie performing maintenece

Product development in even closer co-operation

Our Head of Product, Fredrik Hollsten, has developed a transparent way to share knowledge about our product vision and upcoming features. This year we have moved into 2 week sprints in our product development. This means that we know about 4 weeks ahead what will definitely come to the product. We will also be using customer centric approach in offering ways to prioritise and vote for different features to appear to the product. On top of that we will host Product Roadmap webinar.

Sniffie release note

Slack for opinion leaders

To add support for our current and future users we created a Slack channel for all price, pricing and pricing automation questions. The channel is open and called: Pricing Professionals. The idea is to provide a forum for open community discussion, share good ideas, tips & tricks on pricing, etc. for pricing professionals working within pricing, category management and ecommerce.
It is an open forum for all and not only for Sniffie users. It will be curated by us and as long as discussion is relevant and respective, all discussion around pricing is welcomed. As we do understand that it is an forum that will be open, users can hide their true identity by using aliases.

Hopefully these upgrades will bring joy to your professional life and will help you to become a better pricing professional. That is our goal. If there is anything we can help you with, do not hesitate to contact us.