Sniffie at Google Partners Growth Summit in London

Sniffie at Google Partners Growth Summit in London

Did you know that 50% of time spend on making a purchase decision online is spent on looking for a better deal? That means, in short, better price for the same product. Although pricing, or marketing in general, should not be about cheap prices, it is a factor that is growing while eCommerce is becoming more structured and transparent as an industry. I had the privilege to be invited by Google the Google Partners Growth Summit in London 2019 with 100 other CXO’s from promising startups for a day and a half full of insight to the future of commerce. One thing I definitely took from the time at Google Academy: eCommerce is facing the most interesting 2 years ahead of us.

Sniffie Google Ads -project status

We have been working hard with our Google Ads -project and the pilot customers are now starting with our new product module. Yes, we haven’t named it yet, nor have finalized the look and feel, but it does what it should on an MVP-level. While we are finalizing it, Google made sure we, and others in the same stage as us were briefed in a timely manner to what lies ahead. Interesting times.

So what we now offer is an opportunity to modify your ads based on market positioning. This is will be an effective add to your current ad formats, if you are in an industry where products and service packages joined are easily comparable. Our solution offers an easy way to automate your messaging based on market positioning. The feedback we have got from pilot customers looks promising and has also given us more tools to develop the solution. So keep following us and we will keep you on the loop when also you can join the ride.

Google Academy, Growth Summit and Night at the Museum

Having world class experts giving you insight from customer acquisition to Google Shopping was truly an inspiring trip to the future of eCommerce. I truly believe that as eCommerce is still on a fast growth pace globally, it will be an vertical for major shifts in coming years. The main message I understood from the event was that the only way you will succeed is smart and automated business models. Something we are more than ready to to support you with.

Now it is time to head to the airport but surely enough I will visit my favorite restaurant on the way. If you are interested in our Google Ads -project, please drop me an email or give me a call some day and I brief you in how you also can join.