Retail Technology #retailtechfi -event notes

Retail Technology #retailtechfi -event notes

Retail Technology events started with a bang

We had our first ever retail technology marketing event at our office that gathered all in all 90 retail people to our office. The evening included different key notes from marketing automation to effective pricing. The main key note was held by Google’s retail industry expert Fedor Babkin. Here is the main view on our new #retailtech event concept and key points from the presentations.

Why did we start #retailtechfi -events

We earlier reported that Finland, a small country on any scale, is a true marctech giant in it’s own right. Country with a population density less than 2 people per km2 in some areas doesn’t sound a vibrant tech hub. Still Finland twofolds the number of martech companies per capita when compared to US, the home of Silicon Valley and tech giants. We decided we, as a retail tech company, need to spread the gospel and thus we started an event concept that concentrates into opening the doors to the world of retail technology, it’s new trends and opportunities.

First evening feelings

The first ever retail technology #retailtechfi -event was a success. The feedback we received was very good. 100% of the respondents felt they had learned something new and that they will come to future events as well. People also found the key notes interesting and gave them good ratings. So it’s a great opportunity to build on this. Next one will be an even more interesting.

Tatu Kuivalahti on Marketing automation

retail technology and marketing automation

Tatu Kuivalahti from Custobar telling the audience how to use RFM-matrix and retail marketing automation to be meaningful.

The evening was started by Tatu Kuivalahti and Custobar who spoke about how to use customer data in marketing automation. The interesting key note concentrated mainly on how to offer meaningful marketing for your customers by using their user and purchase data.  Customer has been developing interesting concepts around retail customers such as RFM -matrix, that as a concept is really powerful on understanding your customer activity and purchases.



Effective pricing by Tomi Grönfors from Sniffie

retail technology event #retailtechfi

Tomi Grönfors explaining how strategic pricing gateway works at retail technology event #retailtechfi

Then Tomi Grönfors opened the discussion on effective pricing and the concept of strategic gateway in pricing. The keynote was mainly about how to understand your price elasticity and strategic gateway for your pricing. The approach offers good way to understand how your price should be set across the board compared to market pricing and based on your price elasticity. The keynote raised good discussion and the idea of strategic gateway is explained in detail in this article.


Flash sales from Woolman Mikko Rekola

Mikko Rekola from Woolman took us to the world of Flash sales as an event online. The key note enlightened us on how important tool Flash Sales can offer and how important it is to see Flash sales as events online.

Google’s view on the retail space

The evenings main key note was held by retail industry expert Fedor Babkin from Google. He took us to the world of eCommerce and how the future of it looks like. Main key points were that people do compare and mobile shopping is a mega driver in the scene.

Next Retail Technology event

Retail Technology #retailtechfi -events will be a series of offline and online events that are concentrated on Retail Technology topics. The next will be held 21.11.2019 as a Slush side event where we will look into new interesting technologies presented in Slush and hopefully meet founders from these retail startups.