Sniffie product update

Product update Sep 15, 2020 (version 1.23.0)

Time for another biweekly update folks!

[improvement] Indexes included in Price Matrix exports

Excel and CSV exports of Price Matrix includes indexes in addition to product level market data. If indexes aren’t your thing, and you have hidden the indexes from the view, they will not be included in the export either.

[improvement] Pricing store saved in view settings

Good news for users pricing multiple stores: The pricing store is saved per view to allow for easy switching between stores. Setting the pricing store is still done in the Price Matrix setting menu.

[improvement] Previous price visible in pricing logs

To get a comprehensive view of pricing actions we’ve included the previous price in your pricing logs. With a glance you can check the old and the new prices of every price change made.

We will be adding some interesting concepts to our roadmap shortly. Please vote and comment if you find them interesting. Our next update, in two weeks, will include some major improvements in our analytics capabilities.


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