Product update March 3, 2020

Product update March 3, 2020

Sniffie product update

[new] Icons to indicate properties of products

Price Matrix cells now have icons to quickly indicate interesting properties for the product.

Currently, icons indicate the following properties:

  • Newly added (within 14 days)
  • Has a price conversion formula applied
  • Is part of a pricing strategy or pricing campaign
  • Is a substitute match

We will shortly be adding an icon to indicate that a product is on sale.

[new] Better Multicurrency support in Price Matrix and Pricing Matrix

All prices are now shown in one currency in the Price Matrix and Pricing matrix, making it easier to compare prices for products sold in different currencies. The normalize currency filter/setting is thus no longer needed.

When pricing, the prices for the current product row will be shown in the currency of the store currently being repriced.

[new] Filter out rows in Price Matrix without price changes

In a previous release we added a setting to configure the timeframe for indicating a price change in Price Matrix.
Now you can also filter out rows without products with price changes!

Open the filter row by clicking the filter icon in the Price Matrix toolbar.

Now there’s a “plus” button for adding additional filters

This opens a dialog for configuring the filter.

We will be adding more filter types in the future, now “show rows with price changes” is the only option.

Select the operator type:
“Starting from” = a specific date and time
“Relative from now” = the date limit is calculated relative to the current date.

Click Save to apply the filter and now the rows without price changes (no blue cells) will have been removed.

Worth noting is that the price change filter will override the price change highlighting setting. Thus, when using the filter there should be at least one blue cell on each row of the matrix.
Another thing to keep in mind: when arriving from a Price Matrix report, a similar filter will be applied which overrides any other date filter.

That’s all for now, we hope you enjoy these updates! We’d love to hear you feedback and comments and please send us a note if something isn’t working as you expected.