Product update March 17, 2020 (version 1.13.0)

Product update March 17, 2020 (version 1.13.0)

Sniffie product update

[new] Price matrix view-specific reference website & store

Previously accounts with multiple own stores were forced to switch back and forth between account settings and Price Matrix. We’ve just made life a lot easier for you by allowing the reference website and store to be set per Price Matrix view.

To access the setting, open Price Matrix settings via the settings button or the view editing dialog.

Open Price Matrix settings here

On the top, in the General section, you will find the options for setting the references for the current view or default option when not viewing Price Matrix in a view.

Reference setting in Price Matrix settings

By default, the reference website or store is the same as you have set in your profile setting. When you set a reference here it will always be used in that specific view, regardless of your profile setting. Thus, you can have separate views for different reference settings. Cool right?!

[new] Setting the currency for Price Matrix views

In our previous release, we made the change that all prices in the Price Matrix are shown in one currency. The currency is selected based on the currency of your reference store.

Now you also have the option to freely select the currency to which all prices in the matrix are converted to.

Open the Price Matrix settings and you’ll find a new selector in the “Data options” section.

Currency selector

By default, the currency is still selected from your reference store but you also have the option to choose any of the 32 currencies we currently support.

[new] New pricing actions: set to RRP, internal RRP or purchase price

In our pricing module, we added some new actions for setting the price to internal price values: RRP, internal RRP and purchase price.

These targets have their own section: “Set to static value (internal)”. These are great setting a base for a price change, eg. Setting to purchase price plus a fixed amount or RRP plus or minus some percent value.

[new] New Pricing Campaign management options

We added some new options for our newly released Pricing campaigns. In the Pricing Campaign calendar table view, we added some new buttons in the toolbar.

You can now reschedule a specific campaign event or prematurely end it. We have plans on making campaign management a more “calendar event” type pleasant workflow, stay tuned!

[improvement] Improvements in product catalog exports and imports

  • Product catalog export custom columns are labeled correctly with the labels assigned by you
  • Product catalog uploads now calculate priceEur (needed for some analytics) if not provided on upload.
  • Currency is a required field for uploads, so if it has not been set, we’ll make a wild guess.

[fix] Bug fixes

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Well, we just erased some of ours:

  • Products with price equal to zero are shown as all other prices
  • Squashed a bug in DataEditor which prevented drag-copying when using filters
  • Fixed an unpleasant situation where menus in filter chips and pricing action chips were not displayed completely

That’s was all we had time for during the past two weeks. During the next four weeks, we will be focusing on some awesome new features for our pricing module as well as working on some cool new analytics possibilities for dashboards.

For an up to date view on our plans for the future, check out

We’re improving it constantly and updating the progress of our current work as future plan. It’s also the place where we collect feedback on crazy ideas. Vote and comment on features you would really like to see get done (fast!) or submit a wild idea we haven’t even though of yet. We’d really appreciate it!