Product Update December 4, 2019

Product Update December 4, 2019

Release list sniffie

[new] Data editor
The initial idea for building a tool for editing your product catalog right in the app came before we even started building the current Sniffie App, about two years ago. Now, after a few months of development, we can proudly present the much anticipated Data Editor. With the Data Editor we want to remove the need for exporting your product catalog to a sheet editor, editing and re-importing the changes. In this initial release, we have the basic editing, copy-paste, etc. functionalities but we will keep adding features such as support for formulas.

[new] Price Matrix as widget
We added a new widget type: Price Matrix. The Price Matrix is an (almost) exact copy of the Price Matrix which allows you to create a whole grid of matrixes on you dashboard, perfect for you all ‘view swappers’. Essentially the widget filters perform as the global filters would on the Price Matrix page. The widget is sitll missing settings and local filtering possibilities available on the PM page, those will be added later

[fix] Fixed missing MPI in Price Matrix in some cases

[fix] Changed export filenames to include ISO datetime

[fix] Removed product name from bulk updateable fields

[fix] Fixed failing to login when current account not available

[fix] Fixed disappearing error messages on unsuccessful login attempts