Sniffie product update

Product update Aug 18, 2020 (version 1.21.0)

Finally, after a summer hiatus, we have released a new product version. A reworked product catalog and some new Price Matrix features which offer totally new analytics capabilities are the highlights of this update.

[improvement] Reworked product catalog

Arguably the most important and used feature of Sniffie is the product catalog. We have been working on an overhaul for quite some time and now it’s finally ready to see the light of day. No major new features really, but you should see a significant performance improvement which eg. allows showing more rows at once.

[new] New price matrix analytics capabilities

Price Matrix isn’t just for analyzing prices anymore. Instead of just showing prices, you can now compare various values against their competitors.
The fields can virtually hold any static or dynamically calculated numeric data. A few ideas:

  • Prices + delivery costs
  • Market indexes
  • Monthly Installment prices
  • Technical attributes such as speed, memory size, weight… You name it!
Image 1. Setting the data field

The setting can be found in price matrix settings (image 1) and will be saved with your view.

Get in touch with us if you have ideas or want to discuss how this feature could bring value to your organization.

[new] Product page analytics

We’ve added a new tab on product pages: Analytics. The section is like a dashboard, only just for the product currently being inspected. For now, the only analytics you will see is a price history graph of the product compared to its market but we plan to more analytics soon.

Image 2. Product page analytics

[improvement] Minor updates and fixes

As always, we’ve made lots of minor tweaks & adjustments and fixed some bugs to make your work more efficient and enjoyable, including:

  • availability information added to Price Matrix data exports
  • new 24 hour and 48 hour options added to date filters

We have some exciting stuff coming up this fall, so stay tuned! Remember to check out our roadmap for upcoming features and ideas


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