Product Update 7.8.2019

Product Update 7.8.2019

Release list sniffie

[new] Tag ownership transfer
Account admins have the option to transfer ownership of any shared tags within the organization

[new] New sniff management options

[new] Warning message if JavaScript is disabled in your browser

[improvement] Column options filterable
When choosing displayed columns (eg. in Product Catalog) you can now narrow down options by searching

[improvement] Clearer message for unsupported browsers
Sadly, there are borwser which don’t support our app. We added a clear messages to inform users if they are using an unsupported browser

[improvement] Improved data upload
If uploaded data contains errors, it’s now easier to understand what needs to be corrected

Sniffs can be filtered by store name

Price matrix exports takes local filters and sorting into account

Fixed an error with Price History chart tooltips

Date filters in Price Matrix are ignored for offline reference data

Fixed an issue where some prices were not rounded

Match recommendations and search results appear as card stacks when belonging to an existing match group

Allow editing a Price Matrix view without data

Various mintor bugfixes and security updates