Product update 7.5.2019

Product update 7.5.2019

It’s been a while, since we released a public change in our blog. When we realized this, we decided to make these public anytime we update Sniffie app. Here are the changes in yesterday’s release:

Sniffie app change log 7.5.2019

[new] Added message for users trying to access the app with Microsoft IE or Edge. There is now a message encouraging the user to use Chrome or Firefox.

[improvement] Offline data upload moved to the product catalog – The Inputs page is now account admin only and does not have the upload tab. There is a button in the product catalog table header for this. Also added a button in the column ordering dialog.

[improvement] Matrix component is more mobile friendly – The first column on price matrix and grouped matrix widgets is not fixed (i.e. it scrolls with the rest of the content) on mobile.

[improvement] Loading time for filter options reduced – you shouldn’t have to watch the loading indicator on the global filter button quite as long as before.

[fix] Matching dialog grouped by website view has minimum column widths – If all columns do not fit in the window the container is now horizontally scrollable. (The autoloader for grouped view is still pretty bad, will address that later)

[fix] Free text search in matching dialog improved. There were cases were the list would show already matched products or indicate there were no products found before the results had loaded. These are now fixed. (done in a earlier update but worth mentioning)

[fix] Store coverage widget values with custom date ranges fixed – The values used to be totally wrong when using a date other that “last [timeperiod]”. This is now fixed but the load time has sadly increased for custom date ranges :/

[fix] Fixed an issue with icons that you probably hadn’t noticed 🙂