Product update 7.11.2019

Product update 7.11.2019

Release list sniffie

[improvement] Matching tool rebuilt

We rebuilt the matching tool for added reliability and performance. Match recommendations are now sorted based on match probability. The UI is the same.

[new] New MODE value in matrix widgets

Select Mode as the value function to see the most common value in a group. Currently it only shows the current situation, we’ll add a comparison to the previous period in a future release.

[improvement] More analytics options in price history widget

Min, max, average, sum and count were added as grouping functions in the Price history widget. It’s also possibility to choose availability as the value.

[improvement] Matrix quicksearch accepts multiple rows

You can eg. paste a list of product codes to quickly filter rows. The result will be rows that match ANY of the rows in the filter.

[ui] The matching tool shows current position in product catalog

When matching you’ll see how much you have left (yay) and when you close the dialog, you’ll be at the correct page