Product update 19.9.2019

Product update 19.9.2019

Release list sniffie

We have just released an update to Sniffie app. The new version (1.2) should be live everywhere shortly after this post is published. In addition, we have released some updates to our staging environment regarding automated pricing.

[new] Price matrix reports. You can now subscribe to changes in your Price Matrix views. Go to to your Price Matrix view settings (or create a new view) and select reporting options. You will receive an email on the selected reporting time if and when changes happen in that view. We plan on adding similar reporting options to other parts of the application in the future. Go to our knowledge base for instructions on how to use Price Matrix reports.

[improvement] Matrix views have now a quick filter option. That is, Price Matrix and matrix widgets now have a quick filter option to filter visible rows with a simple text search.

[improvement] Widgets support normalizing currency.

[improvement] Added quick search to most lists. Most lists, like the dashboard selection list now have text search to narrow down the options shown. The UI for ones that already had that option has changed slightly

[improvement] The Price History widget’s data is exportable.

[fix] Various UI and performance improvements