Planned Maintenance November 2020 [completed]

Hello! Our engineers are performing a planned server maintenance this week on Friday 20th and Sunday 22nd November, 2020. The maintenance starts on Friday evening at 4pm Helsinki time and lasts until Sunday 10pm Helsinki time.

During this time, you may experience minor disruptions (e.g. slower response time) in the use of Sniffie service and mobile app. Disruptions should not be long lasting, and should be only a couple of minutes in total length during this maintenance window.

We will update this blog post as the maintenance progresses. We are sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause for you.


Maintenance log (UTC+2):

Friday 20th November 4pm: Maintenance is now starting. Some minor disructions are expected to occur tomorrow starting at 9pm Helsinki time. Today, we are only preparing servers and databases for tomorrow. No downtime is expected.

Friday 20th November 6.33pm: Preparations complete, we’ll continue tomorrow in the morning.

Saturday 21st November 9.17am: Good morning! Node database migrations in progress. 1 minute downtime expected for each of the nodes.

Saturday 21st November 11.04am: 95% of the maintenance in nodes is complete. One node is still under maintenance and might experience interruptions. This affects around 5% of our users, so majority of you should be ok already. However, all data is readable and accessible.

Saturday 21st November 11.50am: Pricing automation pusher servers are being updated. Price changes can be delayed by a small fraction of seconds or minutes during this upgrade.

Saturday 21st November 11.59am: Pricing automation pusher servers are working correctly again and queue of pending price change pushes is empty again for everyone.

Saturday 21st November 14.54pm: We are currently rebalancing our storage capacity. All data is accessible and no disruptions are excepted by this.

Saturday 21st November 4.52pm: All services are reporting green status. Rebalancing continues, but no disruptions are expected anymore.

Saturday 21st November 10.59pm: We are stopping rebalancing for the night and continue tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

Sunday 22nd November 8.30am: Good morning, rebalancing continues.

Sunday 22nd November 4pm: Maintenance has been completed successfully. We’ll continue monitor the results. See you next time! 🙂 


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