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To build a killer team you need a vision. A goal that everyone understands in a same manner. As we started our continuous strategy process, we nailed our vision, rules and values all to the wall. This approach sent a positive earthquake through the team and made a significant ripple in our customers as well.

Sniff it, is a term that consists of three distinctive parts and includes everything needed to utilise price monitoring as a competitive information source.

What is Sniffie vision?

Our customers have been asking this, and for a reason, as we are developing our latest version of Sniffie. Last week I had the priviledge to be challenged by one of the true pricing experts in Finland and a customer of ours. He passionately loves our product, studied our vision on the wall and started challenging me. It really made my brain to go the full 360 due dilligence of our plans. So lets first go through what our vision is.

We make pricing simple
Sniffie’s vision is Sniff it. That means we are going to make pricing simple in one line. We make pricing simple – Sniff it

Sniff it.

All the data an ecommerce owner needs for a competitive pricing is out there, on competitor websites.  And services like Sniffie can collect and analyse it for you. So lets face it, price monitoring is what we do best, and will be in the future as well. In its purest form we do webscraping  – although on an advanced and clever level – and use the data to help you to price against competition.

Still in many companies our worst competitor is the DIY mentality. People are checking prices online and saving those to an Excel sheet. In a bit more experienced level they use scraping tools to gather raw data for pricing. All of these go into a category we call: Google it. A one time practice that needs manual labour and has to be repeated everytime again, to get the same end result.

Compared to Sniffie this approach is not scalable neither does it generates insight. That’s where we come in and why we call our vision not Google it, but: Sniff it.

Sniff it, is a term that consists of three distinctive parts (see below the explanation) and includes everything needed to utilise price monitoring as a competitive information source:

1. Sniff it = collect pricing information from competitors

Our main aim of course is to collect pricing information by doing price monitoring, and collect also other competitive information from your competitors. This process we already do, although we are developing it all the time. For this part Sniff it refers to the actual activity of getting the data. We are happy to see that our customers already talking about sniffing as a verb or term of getting competitive data in general and thus enabling our vision to implement and develop.

2. Sniff it = to be able to understand how to make more margins

Sniff it in a sense of building an understanding is the second stage. That means that by using our service you “Sniff it” or said bluntly “Get it”. You understand intuitively what’s going on and how you should position yourself against the competition. Sniff it refers in this sense as understanding your competitive positioning.

3. Sniff it = get an understanding on how and when to react

The third meaning for Sniff it refers to the dynamic reaction to the actual market changes with your strategy. Our latest approach to the market is that your Sniffie will be equipped – if you choose to add it to your Sniffie – with artificial intelligence boosted strategy monitoring. You set your strategy and we will monitor your strategy from different viewpoints and let you know when and how to react to your competition.

Sniff it – in its purest form – is a simple word, verb, and easily digestable yet comprehensive vision for our future. We are building a product that will collect all the competitive information you need as an ecommerce owner and analyse it for you. This will be supported heavily with artificial intelligence as well.

But lets get back to what was the indepth discussion I mentioned earlier?

So, where is Sniffie as a product heading?

My beloved customer, who had spent a serious moment with our vision table, wanted a clarification. He came to me, asked to step aside and confronted with a question: What are you aiming for as a product? What is the product vision? Are you becoming a pricing software?

A brief moment. Followed with an explanation.

No, we are not. Let me assure you. We are not. What the future will hold I can’t promise, but at this stage we are not developing a pricing software or a PIM. We are developing a state of the art price monitoring software. And more to the point what we are developing, is a comprehensive tool for getting competitive intuition out of extracted web data, combined with your other data sources.

In the not so distant future you can think of Sniffie as a data provider for everything you need to know about your ecommerce competition as per now. Get suggestions based on your strategy on what you should do and when, everything neatly explained in Sniffie or sent to your pricing and PIM software as competitive feed.

We went on and on about the details, but in the end, he said: “You have it exactly right, you are on a winning path as long as you don’t go into pricing” and continued “I love the product already, as it is and understand the whole concept of Sniff it.”. That was  a WOW moment for me. A vision, that makes a customer passionately challenge me. I loved it!

So lets put it out here once more: We want to be the best in the world in building a price monitoring software that includes everything you need from your competitive environment. That, we call, Sniff it.

Below you can find our vision board in text to read it in depth, what Sniff it means.

Sniff it
Our vision board. Pure simplicity: We make pricing simple – Sniff it

We Make Pricing Simple – Sniff it

sniff |snIf|

verb [ no obj. ]

collect pricing information from competitors to be able to understand how to make more margins. Get an insight, become better in business. they sniff it, you can see it from their margins. draw up prices silently from the web to detect a pattern on how to make better margins, to stop the margins decrease, running out, or to collect competitive data: get an understanding| [ with direct speech ] : ‘You’re sniffing in a wise fashion,’ said a competitor.

• (sniff around/round) informal investigate covertly, especially in an attempt to find out competitive information about competitors. all our competitors are sniffing around. They sniffing around to get some further info.
• [ with obj. ] (sniff something out) informal discover something by investigation: they made millions sniffing out availability problems of their competitors.
an act or sound of sniffing: he gave a sniff of disapproval.
• [ in sing. ] informal a hint or sign: they’re off to make a better business from the first sniff.

sniff it way of getting information that makes pricing simple. when you sniff it, you get it.

ORIGIN Land of thousand lakes, Finland: imitative.


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