Discrimination is for cowards

It was back in the early 2000 when I had just started my first company with an excellent business partner. At some stage when the company started growing we needed more helping hands. I noticed that we had a lot of little tasks that we needed to get done. I suggested to my business partner that we would hire his brother, who is deaf. He was available for the work, knew how to do it and willing to work for us. The only thing was that I didn’t know sign language. So I decided to hire him and learn myself enough sign language to get things kickstarted. End result was great and already then I felt that the only thing that mattered is one’s motivation and fit for the team. Everything else is an asset for the team one way or another.

We are honored to be part of the EK ( Confederation of Finnish Industries) campaign against work discrimination. It is a campaign where companies come out and declare their non-discrimination policies and challenge other companies to be part of the movement against work discrimination. Although we have come a long way since the times of open work discrimination, it still is a reality in Finland, unfortunately. That is why every company should work against discrimination on a grass root level to make sure equality and openness would grow. For us openness and equality are ground values that we strongly believe in. Let me explain.

Diversity is a corner stone for growth

There are two simple reasons why we believe that differences develop our existence. The first is naturally just about being humane. For us it is only natural to celebrate diversity and openness. People are beautiful in any shape or form. Doesn’t matter what religion, gender, colour of the skin, youth culture or political views you possess, it’s the motivation and capability to grow we look for in you. Because the more we have diverse and different thoughts the more we have possibilities to come up with new innovative ideas. Different views, no matter how vocal we are to represent them, in the end enrich our existence. Currently our 8 people team is consistent of people from Finland, Ethiopia and Morocco. We talk 6 different languages including Arabic. Talk about openness and connectivity on a global sense.

The other reason is to do with generally about growth. History shows that any organization, nation, movement or any other team that starts to embrace similarity against diversity will first turn inwards and finally stop to exist. Why is this? It happens because when a group turns inwards it starts to look for signs that keep them together instead of integrating more deeply with the world around them. Finally world around them becomes a hostile place full of strangers. Consider that, before you start to make things great again. That said, building an organization that only embraces similarity will make your team extinct sooner than later.

How do we embrace diversity

We at Sniffie are open to have a discussion with anyone looking to get to us for a position. We don’t look for a CV or any other superficial details. Sure we will read your CV and check your LinkedIn but we are more interested in your approach and the way you show motivation towards us. The only thing that matters is your motivation and willingness to grow. Growth happens only if you bring something new to table and thus we look for motivated people that come with new ideas and diverse, extraordinary backgrounds and cultures. Then in the melting pot called Sniffie it turns into our Sniffie Culture.

Embrace diversity, say no to any discrimination. Because discrimination starts from the fear of difference in views or features. And that is why it is only a cowardly act to discriminate in any form or way. That’s why we say no to discrimination.


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