Creating a compelling user experience

When faced with a terrible hangover, you first fear that you are going to die, then you fear you are not going to die. That’s the feeling we had when we started developing our new user experience. Yes, our MVP product really did show us that the need was there. It also showed us all the mistakes we managed to create, when developing a product with insufficient customer feedback. So now that we won our fear of dying, we pray every day that our UX will be as good as we believe.

So how are we going to change our user experience?

What is a good UX i.e. User experience?

I know, I am not the right person to talk about user experience. And yes, we are in process of hiring a Head of UX. But in the meanwhile, we are developing UX as we speak. So at least that much I know. But I do think my experience in developing consumer products and services for different industries do help in development of the new UX. At least it makes me worry, that we do listen enough our customers.

Read any book about UX, and you know that a good user experience is something that turns into intuitive understanding on how things works, and how you as a user should interact with the software, service or product. I believe it’s more than that. It is something that is both rewarding and playful. All that is needed to turn the user experience into a trendy word UX. So is Sniffie UX something really cutting edge. Well, no. Let me explain why.

Developing Sniffie user experience

We know our current product delivers added value for retail and ecommerce, that want to keep up with or ahead of the competition. It does that. Yes, and it will come with automatic big data analytics, with a friendly well tested design that my kids could use. We combine customer testing, reviews, pain points, customer journey mapping and trial with error. All that, most likely, will turn into new compelling user experience. Something that is easy to use, in any device you prefer, in ways you personally want. But that is not enough, is it?

A good user experience is something much more. It is a mindset of developing something that will be beneficial for you as a customer always. It will be an ongoing effort that our customers, yes companies paying to us, will have a saying all the time. That’s what I believe a good UX is. It is a mindset of developing something constantly with people that are going to pay for it. Its just common sense. Isn’t it.



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