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Quickfix 0.3.4 released

Contrary to original plans, Sniffie engineering team just released a minor bug fix for the extension. Version 0.3.4 fixes Sniffie’s table layout readability on a small number of websites as well as makes sure record mode keystrokes are sent properly on all websites. The update should be available for download soon.

Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 7/2017

Hello everyone! We rolled our newest web service update to production yesterday evening. Finally you’re able to draw analytics about your sniffs to your dashboards, the dashboard panels have received a big visual update, you can draw individual products from individual supercharged sniffs to graphs and we have fixed plenty of bugs (such as widescreen…
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Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 6/2017

Hello everyone! The latest backend updates went live yesterday. In addition, we are also updating our web service today. As always, should you experience any problems, just contact Sniffie support. Web service’s biggest change is the overhauled panel wizard. The dashboard panel wizard now starts with the sniff selection, proceeds then to panel type selector…
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0.3.2 Rollout in Progress

Sniffie engineering is currently in progress of rolling out beta version 0.3.2 to production. A new dynamic rollout procedure is also tested in production and no service disruptions are expected. If some happen, the rollout should be finished in around 1 hour. Thank you for your patience! Edit (at 9:58am Finnish time): Rollout finished. No…
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0.3.1 Hotfix on the Works

Our engineering team is currently investigating issues some Windows 10 users are experiencing with the latest release. We apologize for the inconvenience. A hotfix will be released as soon as the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience! 6.05pm Finnish time: Hotfix deployed, all systems are now operating normally again. Keep on sniffing!

Regards from Sniffie Engineering (Week 3/2017)

Good morning! Here’s a short preview of Sniffie v0.3.1. The new version focuses on improved and simplified user experience, general stability improvements and bug fixes. It will be rolled out to production next Sunday (January 22, 2017). Have a great week! Best regards, Sniffie engineering team

Sniffie v0.3 Has Gone Gold: Release Schedule & Change Notes

Good morning, everyone! This November it finally happens! The next major Sniffie version is finally going to be out. The new version has gone gold yesterday. The release to production starts on Sunday 27th November 2016 with web service and backend and is followed with the new extension within next two weeks. Expect service disruptions…
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Sniffie web service update (September 8, 2016)

Good morning to all you Sniffers out there! A minor web service update was moved to production last night (dynamically so there was no need for a maintenance break). We are also moving our weekly web service maintenance window to Sunday 10am (Finnish time) during which we will move bug fixes made to the web…
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Web service update (August 2016)

You spoke, we listened! Sniffie beta testing is well on its way and the feedback that we are receiving from you is awesome! Here is a brief overview of the new features we have included in the Sniffie web service update during this summer according to your needs: dashboard can now be scrolled anywhere (not…
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Scheduled maintenance break 29.8.2016

Good morning to you all. There will be a scheduled maintenance break at Sniffie web service on Monday 29, August 2016 as we will move our newest build of Sniffie web service to production. The maintenance break starts in the morning, and the exact duration of the break is unknown. The maintenance break only affects…
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