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Upgrades to our server infrastructure

Good evening! Due to the recent vulnerabilities discovered in Intel CPUs, we’re running some updates to counter the problem. During the updates you may not be able to access the service for a few minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience. Best regards, Tuomas + Sniffie tech Edit: Maintenance operations are now complete.

Scheduled Maintenance Break Next Friday evening, 17/08/2018

Hello everyone! There’s going to be a scheduled maintenance break next Friday evening (17 Aug, 2018) starting at 7pm EET. Estimated downtime per account is around 15-30 minutes during which no sniffs are processed and all accounts are in read-only mode. That is, no new sniffs can be created and no changes to any sniffs…
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Sniffie API and product feeds will introduce HMAC authentication

Hello everybody, It’s been a while since I have written anything in the blog. That’s because our engineers, me included, are working with v1.0 release with full speed! There has been some internal discussion on reinforcing our APIs with HMAC authentication option. I’m happy to report that such an option will be enabled with Sniffie…
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Sniffie Release Version Performance Sneak Peek

Good morning, everyone! Me and the rest of the tech team are currently busy finishing up Sniffie version 1.0. Like previously said, this version will release in fall 2018 to Sniffie Nightly and by the end of the year to production. This release will also mark the end of Sniffie’s beta phase 🙂 I quickly…
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Sniffie Extension v1.0 Release Candidate Changes

The schedule and plan for Sniffie to exit from beta with version 1.0 was released at the housewarming party we had at the beginning of March. The schedule plan will be written down in another post at a later date. As was mentioned and demonstrated to our guests, the service rewrite is going well. We…
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What’s New in Sniffie v0.5 (and Open Beta News!)

It’s been very quiet in our blog since late February for a good reason. As you may be aware, we have been extremely busy completing our UX redesign project for the last few months. Thankfully, the project is coming to an end this month and our existing used will be rolled to the new Sniffie…
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Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 11/2017

Hello everyone! This week we are finishing up testing of 0.4 for release by next week. Additional features from last week’s update post include the ability to include and exclude results based on text patterns as well as ability to include also hidden elements in the web extraction. Our web service redesign project is well…
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Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 10/2017

Good morning, everyone! It’s been an exciting two weeks for us at Sniffie engineering. Next week we’ll release version 0.4, another big update to Sniffie extension. It features lots of highly requested features such as ability to remove rows based on index or product name, column data type selectors, the ability to split columns and…
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0.3.5 released

The new extension was just released and should be available for download shortly. The new version provides you with an undo button, auto-detects best data type for single sniffs and also provides a save state functionality. In addition, it provides additional stability improvements. Please note that pre-0.3 legacy sniffs will be deactivated at midnight on…
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Regards from Sniffie Engineering, Week 8/2017

Hi all! Today we’ve rolled out some updates to our web service. Most important being the long-awaited Product Matching feature! This allows you to match items sniffed from different sources with each other. In my example shown in the photo of this article is a simple match of flight offers to some common destinations from…
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