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Sniffie performing maintenece

Investigating Possible Network Routing Issues in Sniffie App [RESOLVED]

We are currently investigating possible network routing issues in Sniffie App. We will update this post as investigation progresses. 10.28 EEST: First reports of an increase in network routing failures relayed to Sniffie engineers via our automated error monitoring system. 11.31 EEST: A possible cause has been identified and a fix has been implemented. We…
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Improvements in Customer Support

Last month in our blog Niko gave some insight into the ideology behind the processes that drive our customer support. He outlined the key steps that we decided to take in order to provide our customers with an ever improving experience. Our strategy is to be in the top 1% of all SaaS companies that…
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We Just Broke Our Last Month’s Support Record!

Our support team has been busy answering queries from our customers as via Zendesk. We aim to answer immediately to our customer inquiries because a part of our vision is to provide a world-class service. Well the strategy seems to be working! Read below for more!

Technical Incident Report 13 March 2018 (RESOLVED)

Good morning, An unfortunate technical incident occurred at one of our servers during last night, affecting the scheduling of some sniffs. The incident was noticed this morning by Sniffie engineering team during routine technical observation. The cause was identified and fixed immediately. No customer reports of the incident were received. Only certain older sniffs were…
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Sniffie Knowledge Base to be updated fully this week

This a brief update to fill you in on the Sniffie support update. The current version Sniffie 0.5 was rolled out roughly a week ago and will now have an updated Knowledge Base later this week. Our team is gathering everything onboarding tutorial, videos, instructions and FAQ to our Sniffie support site. All beta users…
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