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Sniffie team celebrates 2-year anniversary!

  Exactly 2 years ago Sniffie’s founding team started to work full-time at the company. Before that all work was part-time and “non-serious”. It has been an exciting journey so far, and the future is even more interesting for us and for our customers. I’m personally so proud of what our team has accomplished in…
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get to know sniffie

Let’s first get to know

We encourage our employees to find that thing that they are really good that, work on it very well and be the best at it. That’s why we have been building a diverse and varied culture that has different people that fit well to our vision. As we grow we are always looking for more…
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Sniffie representation at fallup 2018

Wrapup from Fallup 2018

Finding a great talent is hard. Building a solid team is even harder. We are no different, although we see we have an interesting company, it does not necessarily mean we attract talent automatically. That’s why we decided to take part to this years Fallup event that is organised for students in Helsinki. Fallup is…
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