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Sniffie goes Slush: In search of Superheroes

Everyone wants to be Superman but also everyone knows that there can only be one Superman. One could also argue that there is a Superman within every one of us but let me tell you that what we do at Sniffie is a bit similar to finding the Superman within people who can do and…
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sniffie who cares wins

Who Cares Wins

We might be the most low key startup when it comes to interior design in the office. But what we lack in style we make up for in communication. We believe communication should simple, yet not any simpler. Our current customer experience strategy is no exception. Today, we finally took the time to find a…
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5 ways Sniffie comes to disrupt the status quo of price monitoring

1. A super-efficient system Sniffie does everything efficiently. Our intelligence and systems operates with the least amount of waste possible aka we don’t use unnecessary resources. Want to know how in detail? Ask our data team 😉 2. Safety first First we are GDPR compliant, privacy is a rule we live by. 3. A price monitoring…
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SaaS company experimenting with people

Sometimes it’s not the technology, instead it’s the service level as a whole that you need to improve. We noticed that our customers loved our fast email support, but let’s face it: We all love it even faster and email it’s not the fastest way. That’s when we decided we will open a live chat…
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Customer experience is a culture, not a statement

The web changed the balance of power and handed it back to the customer. Today customer has the power and money, and they spend it on you, only if you provide an excellent customer experience. Businesses that fail to create customer experiences that reflect their customer’s identity simply perish because their brand dies the moment…
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