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get to know sniffie

Let’s first get to know

We encourage our employees to find that thing that they are really good that, work on it very well and be the best at it. That’s why we have been building a diverse and varied culture that has different people that fit well to our vision. As we grow we are always looking for more…
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sniffie who cares wins

Who Cares Wins

We might be the most low key startup when it comes to interior design in the office. But what we lack in style we make up for in communication. We believe communication should simple, yet not any simpler. Our current customer experience strategy is no exception. Today, we finally took the time to find a…
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Sniffie representation at fallup 2018

Wrapup from Fallup 2018

Finding a great talent is hard. Building a solid team is even harder. We are no different, although we see we have an interesting company, it does not necessarily mean we attract talent automatically. That’s why we decided to take part to this years Fallup event that is organised for students in Helsinki. Fallup is…
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Discrimination is for cowards

It was back in the early 2000 when I had just started my first company with an excellent business partner. At some stage when the company started growing we needed more helping hands. I noticed that we had a lot of little tasks that we needed to get done. I suggested to my business partner…
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5 ways Sniffie comes to disrupt the status quo of price monitoring

1. A super-efficient system Sniffie does everything efficiently. Our intelligence and systems operates with the least amount of waste possible aka we don’t use unnecessary resources. Want to know how in detail? Ask our data team 😉 2. Safety first First we are GDPR compliant, privacy is a rule we live by. 3. A price monitoring…
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Paint your vision to the wall – Sniff it

To build a killer team you need a vision. A goal that everyone understands in a same manner. As we started our continuous strategy process, we nailed our vision, rules and values all to the wall. This approach sent a positive earthquake through the team and made a significant ripple in our customers as well.

Tomi Grönfors Sniffie Software

7 rules to tattoo on your forehead

In my experience companies are made of three kinds of people: 1. People who think they can 2. People who know they can 3. People who can. Consequently we can only afford to recruit people who can. Even for them we have strict rules on how to behave. Sounds fun, huh? Start by tattooing these…
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Minimum Viable Culture

When working as an interim manager I learned one thing. Company culture is set in stone when the team reaches its 12th employee. Then the culture is either helping the company or making its life hard, but you can’t really change it. I used to say that I can tell if a turnaround will be…
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Doing it the Sniffie way

Companies understand that the only way to make customers happy and keep them happy is through first having happy employees that truly care for their customers. Our tech team at Sniffie truly knows how to offer tech solutions that fit on platforms that already exist and thereby customers simply use solutions that lead to their…
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Sniffie Team Growing

Last January we were three people at our office. Niko had just graduated as a doctor of medicine and I had just finished my last interim gig. Now an eventful year later, here we are with 7 employees altogether. I believe we will brake the 10 people limit latest autumn, but let’s first introduce you…
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