Author: Tomi Grönfors

Retail Technology #retailtechfi -event notes

Retail Technology events started with a bang We had our first ever retail technology marketing event at our office that gathered all in all 90 retail people to our office. The evening included different key notes from marketing automation to effective pricing. The main key note was held by Google’s retail industry expert Fedor Babkin.…
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Sniffie at Google Partners Growth Summit in London

Did you know that 50% of time spend on making a purchase decision online is spent on looking for a better deal? That means, in short, better price for the same product. Although pricing, or marketing in general, should not be about cheap prices, it is a factor that is growing while eCommerce is becoming…
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Testing is just about listening

Next week will be a big week for us. Finally we are rolling out of beta phase. For some this is an anticipated outcome, for some it’s a time to get to know Sniffie Aada, as we will turn current beta into legacy mode. For what we have worked on in last 12 months is…
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Google chooses Sniffie

We have exciting news to share with you! We were selected as one of the winners to participate in Google’s Accelerate your Growth program. That is, Sniffie is one of only three start-ups / scale-ups chosen to co-operate with Google to deliver more value from digital marketing for all business globally. Read more below!

sniffie who cares wins

Who Cares Wins

We might be the most low key startup when it comes to interior design in the office. But what we lack in style we make up for in communication. We believe communication should simple, yet not any simpler. Our current customer experience strategy is no exception. Today, we finally took the time to find a…
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Sniffie representation at fallup 2018

Wrapup from Fallup 2018

Finding a great talent is hard. Building a solid team is even harder. We are no different, although we see we have an interesting company, it does not necessarily mean we attract talent automatically. That’s why we decided to take part to this years Fallup event that is organised for students in Helsinki. Fallup is…
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Discrimination is for cowards

It was back in the early 2000 when I had just started my first company with an excellent business partner. At some stage when the company started growing we needed more helping hands. I noticed that we had a lot of little tasks that we needed to get done. I suggested to my business partner…
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Keeping up with the promises

The world looks pretty different when you are a small startup fighting for your life. In times like this, every promise you make might be your last. Keeping a promise is simple. Just do what you said. Breaking one is ridiculously easy. Just don’t deliver. We promised to our customers and more importantly to ourselves…
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SaaS company experimenting with people

Sometimes it’s not the technology, instead it’s the service level as a whole that you need to improve. We noticed that our customers loved our fast email support, but let’s face it: We all love it even faster and email it’s not the fastest way. That’s when we decided we will open a live chat…
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Sniffie at Ecommerce and Shoptech 2018 exhibition

Sniffie will take part to the Ecommerce + Shoptech 2018 exhibition at Helsinki Exhibition Center on the 14th and 15th of March 2018. We are joining Custobar and representing the Finnish Shoptech or Marchtech side of the exhibitors.