Should I optimize individual SKUs or multiple SKUs as a group?

Optimizable unit

When optimizing your product prices with an AI-based Price Optimization like Sniffie, the most typical scenario is to optimize individual SKUs. However, sometimes it makes sense to group SKUs into bigger optimizable units. Let’s explore the different options. What is an optimizable unit? Optimizable unit refers to a single SKU or a group of SKUs whose […]

How to analyze your competitor’s pricing strategy? [+ Free tool]

Competitor pricing

Communicating the right price to end-buyers is a challenge – But it can Be made easier with competitor pricing strategy analysis to see how their products are priced! Figuring out the right pricing for products is crucial for manufacturers. Not only does the right price convey the full value to customers, it also ensures profitability […]

Top e-commerce & retail pricing trends of this year

Top e-commerce & retail pricing trends this year If you want to succeed in ecommerce pricing is something that you’ll need to pay close attention to. Fewer things have a bigger impact on the e-commerce world than pricing trends. And despite being crucial to ecommerce success, these trends are changing fast.  Every year, there is […]

How to use statistical methods in e-commerce pricing

In this blog post, we’ll go trough the use of statistical methods in e-commerce pricing and sales volume & profit modelling. How to model sales volume and profit (the faster way) Modelling sales volume and profit can be done in different ways depending on your needs. You are able to model them in a quick […]

E-commerce & retail pricing vocabulary

E-commerce & retail pricing vocabulary

Advertised Price A price that is advertised by the retailer or e-commerce site in any media. There for, retail price or original price are different things. Advertised price is in most cases lower than the list price and thus is used to attract customers into stores for bargain shopping. It is very tactical element in […]

Price elasticity basics: Understand the Strategic Pricing Gateway

What is the Strategic Pricing Gateway? Strategic Pricing Gateway (or the gateway) can be used to understand how your volumes and prices are connected to the market you’re in. The Pricing Gateway offers an excellent and simple way to understand what your optimum price point for profitability is and how your demand curve is changing […]

Markup pricing as pricing strategy

When it comes to pricing multiple products in a fast and efficient way, markup pricing is often the go-to pricing strategy for retailers. The relative simplicity and scalability of this technique makes it the only logical choice in some cases.  This pricing technique —also known as cost-based pricing— is based on adding a markup to […]

Price signaling as part of your marketing mix

How to use price signalling in marketing It doesn’t matter if you’re a price signalling expert, or hearing this term for the first time. If you have a product with a consumer base, you are already practicing price signalling, even if you don’t know it. Price signalling plays a vital role in how people perceive […]

Pricing over product lifecycle

The life cycle of a product helps organizations make major pricing decisions and policies that ensure that the product survives the cut-throat market competition and stays afloat no matter how challenging the situation gets. The product life cycle pricing ensures that the buyers are enticed to choose a brand over the others time and again. Pricing strategies can make […]

Promotional Pricing Strategy

Promotional pricing strategy aims towards increasing brand awareness and attracting customers by offering massive discounts and deals. The market strategy creates a perception of time-based scarcity in the minds of the consumers. Get 50% on all the exclusive designer collections. Hurry limited period offer! Every shopper would give a second glance at an exciting offers […]