4 years old Sniffie

Trip down the memory lane

We have come a long way in 4 years, the company has grown, our product has improved, we have a clear vision and goals and the talent to reach those goals. Yet it´s good to remember your past. In celebrations of Sniffie´s 4th birthday we wanted to take a look back to the journey we´ve had so far and reminisce about some of the milestones along the way, provided by our founders!

The fouding trio Niko, Tuomas & Tomi
The Katajanokka office

Just like any other startup, Sniffie too was started from the bottom

The first milestone of our story takes place in January 2017 which marked the beginning of full-time work in Sniffie. Back then our founders, Niko, Tomi & Tuomas  were working out from the 1st  Sniffie “office” at Katajanokka which was a small and old apartment that could have used some renovation. Working equipment was limited to their own personal laptops and internet connection was shared through phones. Not long after the full time work had started the second milestone of our story emerged: -The success of moving our product´s operating environment from a computer that was located in Niko´s wardrobe to cloud.

The year 2017 was a real grind for our founders. The preliminary product was far from ideal, it was quickly realized that the product did not provide customers with added value. This realization was followed by a new mvp pivot of Sniffie in spring 2017. After a successful pivot sales increased and Sniffie was able to properly take off. 

During the early days of Sniffie, the company was a startup with a capital s, some good examples and also milestones come from the first fairs that Sniffie took part in. -When the first Sniffie stand was being built for a fair there was only money for one design. Back then it was not yet set in stone what Sniffie was going to offer customers. It was decided that the value proposition would also include pricing as part of it, this way a new design would not have to be created and paid for if it was decided that Sniffie would move forward with pricing. A milestone that cemented pricing tool as part of Sniffie´s product comes from a fair held in Germany. Tomi was on his way to a fair in Germany while the rest of the group were working till late night building a demo for that fair. The demo and the pricing tool got a good response at the fair and it was decided, it was time to build a pricing tool. It is worth mentioning that before the demo could be shown at the fair, tips and tricks had to be learned to make sure that the demo would not crash mid show 😀

Every good company needs good employees

In summer 2017 the 1st Sniffie employee and future Head of Product, Fredrik (Holle) Holsten was hired. Soon after the CFO to be Ossi Cornér joined the company as an intern. These were exciting times and memorable moments as Sniffie was now a 5 man show and it started to feel like an actual company.

Close to the end of 2017 a real pivotal moment happened for the whole company as it was time to move to a new office at Pitäjänmäki.

Tomi, Niko, Ossi, Tuomas & Holle at Pitäjänmäki office
Sniffie maintenance

2018, Sniffie 1.0

The year 2018 was filled with countless hours of work to develop and improve the product to keep customers on board. Niko and Holle started working together on a new pivot of Sniffie in late 2017, Sniffie 1.0 that would also incorporate a pricing tool in the product. The new product, Sniffie 1.0 came out in the first half of 2018.

Big milestone from the year 2018 was the realization that Sniffie will make it and keep progressing. At the end of 2018 a milestone that really shed light to the end of the tunnel was the hiring of our COO, Suvi Leinonen. 

2019 & 2020 years of growth

At the beginning of 2019 we were just coming out of beta and the year began with an important milestone, as a new era had started at Sniffie´s customer success function with Suvi leading it. This quickly led to increased customer satisfaction.

Product wise the company was doing a lot better than 2 years before, in spring 2017. Product-to-market-fit was great and the product was working well, even though there was still a lot to do and improve. 

During the rest of 2019 more and more people were hired to Sniffie, for example the current Head of Data, Aleksi Kukkonen started as a Growth Hacker. With Aleksi on board even more serious work with Sniffie´s own AI started. 

The growth in the company could be seen in addition to new employees in the form of processes and extras such as Sniffie hoodies and coffee mugs 😉 


The release of SAMPO – Sniffie’s Automatic Market Price Optimizer was a big milestone for Sniffie. In the 1st half of 2020 SAMPO was integrated into our product and it has been amazing to see how the use of AI have brought a real kick into pricing!

Corona & remote work

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a significant negative impact on people, countries and businesses around the world. The whole situation has been very unfortunate, yet we would still like to see the Corona time as a milestone as we have learned a lot during this time. Corona taught us how to do our work remotely and that we can do our work remotely just as well as we would do it at office. This time of complete remote work has also made our team and culture stronger.


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