Sniffie vision

Our vision is to democratize eCommerce

The Sniffie vision is not “Google it”, but:

Sniff it.

Sniff it, is a term that consists of three distinctive parts (see below the explanation) and includes everything needed to utilise price monitoring as a competitive information source:

Sniffie - The pricing automation company

1. Sniff it = collect pricing information from competitors

Our main aim of course is to collect pricing information by doing price monitoring, and collect also other competitive information from your competitors. This process we already do, although we are developing it all the time. For this part Sniff it refers to the actual activity of getting the data. We are happy to see that our customers already talking about sniffing as a verb or term of getting competitive data in general and thus enabling our vision to implement and develop.

2. Sniff it = to be able to understand how to make more margins

Sniff it in a sense of building an understanding is the second stage. That means that by using our service you “Sniff it” or said bluntly “Get it”. You understand intuitively what’s going on and how you should position yourself against the competition. Sniff it refers in this sense as understanding your competitive positioning.

3. Sniff it = get an understanding on how and when to react

The third meaning for Sniff it refers to the dynamic reaction to the actual market changes with your strategy. Our latest approach to the market is that your Sniffie will be equipped – if you choose to add it to your Sniffie – with artificial intelligence boosted strategy monitoring. You set your strategy and we will monitor your strategy from different viewpoints and let you know when and how to react to your competition.

Sniff it – in its purest form – is a simple word, verb, and easily digestible yet comprehensive vision for our future. We are building a product that will collect all the competitive information you need as an eCommerce owner and analyse it for you. This will be supported heavily with artificial intelligence as well.

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